Monday, April 4, 2016

It´s a beautiful day.

It´s actually raining here right now, and we forgot jackets.

But that´s not important because I was quoting that U2 song. It´s been a really happy, long, super weird week.

First we worked. Then I went to Cusco - had to sign some papers that say I´m going home. Fun stuff. But I did see a bunch of hermanas from my group! I love them! Then I came home to Juliaca and got a nice little 24 hour stomach bug. Which kind of helped with that "I didn´t even really try to do 6 months to sexy" thing, because i lost some more weight throwing up all night. Hna David is a sweetheart and was awake the whole time and somewhat panicking. Then I got better and she got a sore throat. I´ve decided that it has to be one or the other so that we can take care of each other when we´re sick :) haha. Then we went to the general conference and it was one of the best ones I think I´ve ever watched. Or. I guess that I just payed more attention, because the last two in my mission were the same. I received an answer in every. single. conference. talk.

I love this gospel. I know its true. I love my Savior with everything that I am and am so happy I have another two weeks to be here working with Hna David. So even when it´s raining and muddy, yes. It´s a beautiful day :)

Hna Hill

Oh. And just because I didn´t know where else to put it in the letter. Happy birthday to the best Daddy a girl could have. Love you old man!

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