Monday, March 21, 2016

And another one bites the dust...

That would be me. I think I´ve tripped like 5 billion times this week. Hna David looks at me like I´m super clumsy and loca every time. And there´s a lot of dirt. Sooo.... Do you get the title? I hope so, because I have a really simple (but maybe somewhat confusing) talent in english.

Wait a sec... that doesn´t even make sense, does it? Olvídalo. [Never mind]

We´ve had a great week. 

So much has happened. So many wonderful investigators. So many wonderful less actives. 

My favorite was  new less active that we found who cried in the lesson, told us she wanted to make her parents proud (they passed away and they raised her in the gospel), and hugged us really tight and thanked us as we left. 

I honestly don´t feel like I, HNA HILL, had anything to do with it. She just listened to the Spirit, and I was lucky enough to be an instrument in God´s hands. 

I´m so filled with gozo.


This is a joyful work.

Oh. Hna David and I still can´t stop talking.That´s been a really great thing, actually. We´ve both said a couple of times that it would be awesome to have more than one change juntas [together], and I´m still totally up for that, but I also realize that that´s not the Lord´s will for me. Hna David is super awesome, super funny, and an incredible missionary. I´ve had such great luck with my companions. Every one of them has been incredible.

I hope you all have a great week.
Love you mucho.
Hna Hill

Hna David and I in the internet cafe.

Hna David, Hna Wight, and I. Hna Wight finished her mission last change and was here with her parents. So great to see that girl before she took off!

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