Monday, September 28, 2015

Another comp!

This week while waiting for our companions to travel to Sicuani, Hna Vitola and I were comps for two days! I love her, she´s the best :) 

Hna Hill and Hna Vitola (companion for two days)

This is my comp, Hna Azevedo, being the "Latino Hulk". We found some green statues and basically had a blast. She´s hilarious, I enjoy working with her a lot! We basically laugh all the time. Also, we´ve been singing the princess and the frog a lot, and today we discovered we have a mutual and slightly obsessive love for the muppets. This is going to be a good companionship. I can tell :)  (Lilo and Stitch quote. "He´s good. I can tell.")

Hna Azevedo as The Hulk

Hna Azevedo and Minnie Mouse

We both generally end up taking selfies while we´re waiting for the other. It´s been a fun week!

I´m going blonde!! The sun, and the chlorine filled water in our shower is bleaching my hair! These selfies I took while waiting for my comp to finish getting ready really show it well. I don´t like it.

In other news. One of my name tags (what are those called in english?) kinda broke and I have to use a magnet one while I´m waiting for a new one to arrive. I don´t like the magnet one. But I´m gonna have three tags! Kinda cool. 

I don´t have a lot to say right now :) haha. But I´m loving this work just as much as ever. I´m just thrilled to be here. Today our pensionista told me "Hey, we love seeing you so happy. I mean, you seem to be happier than ever." And it´s true! I think every day I´m happier and more in love with this work. There aren´t many things that are better than this :)

Love you all! Hope you have a wonderful week!
Hna Hill

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