Monday, February 2, 2015

I don´t know what´s happening with my contacts

Since I don´t have like, ANYTHING, to say this week, I´ve been trying to make a group contact. And apparently the mission has made it so I have NO idea how to do anything with electronics.That´s awesome :) 

(Kelly here. The email came to a few people and approximately 10-15 "Frankie's", whoever that is. I guess she really is having a hard time saving contacts).

Sometimes, weeks don´t have anything special to report home. Sometimes you just work. That was this week :) We have a lot of investigators who we have high expectations for, but nothing in specific to share about them. But just know that they´re all INCREDIBLE.

Oh, we also had a multi-zone conference that was INCREDIBLE as well. I think I took about 15 pages of notes in my study journal. But I didn´t remember to bring it with me to share my favorite parts :) Next week. Also, they gave us these meat pockets (Hna Condie just told me that those are called empanadas. Meat pockets. I´m so good at words.) for a snack and they were the most delicious thing I´ve eaten here, that wasn´t American food from the mall. Man, meat should always be stuffed in bread pockets.

It´s crazy to think that in 3 weeks I could either be training or a sister leader, or in a different sector again, etc. It REALLY doesn´t feel like I have only 3 weeks left of my training. While I get better every day, I don´t know that I'll be ready once it´s over :) haha. That´s why we work HARD! To improve every single day!


Hna Hill

OH! Happy birthday to Phil on the 8th and miss Stephanie Beales on the 7th :) I love you guys! Also, the pic is of me and Carla, a girl from our old ward and her mom used to be our pension. Their family is moving and I´m basically heartbroken. I love them to death.

OH! Otra vez. If you want to send me letters or packages or something, PLEASE remember to put my first name. There´s another Hna Hill in the mission, and they try to give me her packages all the time. Which is incredibly disappointing when they say Courtney (or something like that) and not Keni, but still. It´s an important thing to remember :) Gracias.

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