Monday, February 16, 2015

20 Familias

Last week we had our zone meeting/pday and one of the things we talked about was contacting families. One of the goals we have as a mission is to contact 12 families in the street each week. We haven`t been fantastic at that, and especially not in our new sector. We contact every family we see, but we just don`t see that many in Alamos. This week though, our zone leaders challenged us to contact 20 families (per companionship) this week. With a lot of faith, hard work, and diligence, we did it! One day we contacted 15 families. This week has been pretty incredible. Usually we`ll get like 4 or 5 families, and this week we got 20! We tried to contact at least five more than that, but they rejected us. Oh well, they`ll come around eventually :)

And for the activity last pday we played water games/threw water balloons/buckets of water/foam at each other for a couple of hours, because February is Carnaval :) It was so much fun! We were freezing at the end of it - the only day for a week and a half that was rainy and cold when it had been crazy sunny every other day - but it was way better than being humiliated while playing volleyball. This is why Elder Nicholls is my favorite zone leader. He plans really amazing hikes and water fights for zone pdays instead of sports :) secret: He`s the only zone leader I`ve had. Well, him and his two latino companions. They`re cool too. 

Valentine`s Day as a missionary is even more lame than not having a date at home. We didn`t have a single cita, all day long. No one was home, not even the members. On the bright side, we contacted a lot of families, ate Burger King for dinner, bought ice cream... twice... and took some pictures with the most beautiful stray dog in Peru. (That white one with two different colored eyes. I think I included that picture.) Honestly, it didn`t feel any different than any other day as a missionary, except that because it was Valentine`s Day, NO ONE was home. That was the only part that was a bummer :)

Oh - I found something that`s way better than a boyfriend. Tres leches :) Or, cuatro leches if you know the pension of the Elders. Basically, it`s true love in a cake. 

Remember the important things in life - faith, diligence, the scriptures, family, Christ, la Iglesia, etc. Are more important than anything else. Make them a priority! It`ll bless your life more than you realize :)

Con MUCHO Amor this (belated) Valentine`s Day,
Hermana Hill

oh.. by the way. Ven y besame means come and kiss me. Ha. Don`t do that, I`m a missionary. It`s just funny cause Valentine`s Day happened this week. (My humor is getting progressively stupider, just in case you were wondering...)

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