Monday, April 11, 2016

It`s Been A Good One

By that I mean a year and a half. 

It`s been a really really great year and a half.

What do you write in the last email? I`m not really sure.

Hna David and I are SUPER enjoying this change. I`m so grateful for every one of my companions. I`ve learned so much from them. (It`s also been a ton of fun!! Hna David and I went to Lago Titicaca today! Loved it!)

I don`t know what more to share with you other than the fact that I LOVE my mission. It`s changed me forever, and I`m so grateful. I`ve learned more about my Savior than I learned in 20 years at home. I`ve met so many wonderful people, seen so many miracles, and truthfully, there`s nothing better than serving the Lord. I don`t think I`ve ever made such a good choice in my life. 

I`m happier than I`ve ever been, and that has everything to do with my Savior Jesus Christ. And the gran oportunidad I have to serve him. I know He lives! I know that this is His church and His work, and that He guides it. I love him with my whole heart.

And while I do miss all of you, and love you a lot...

I still have a little over a week to give it everything I have. So if you don`t mind, Hna David and I are going to go get back to work.

Con todo mi amor,
Hermana Hill

(Kelly here) This wraps up my involvement with this blog. My girl will come home in just nine days and I'm sure we'll have loads of welcome-home photos for her to add to this blog herself. I will miss the Sunday night email to my girl that tells her of all the happenings all week. I will miss the jump start my heart gets every single Monday morning or afternoon when those email notifications come in. I will miss the beautiful photos of Peru and especially the people she taught and loved. I will miss knowing how happy and protected Keni is every single day, simply because she's in the service of the Lord. Yes, she'll continue to serve the Lord, but we all know that real life has a way of thwarting those attempts and soon enough she'll have heartaches and disappointments, and won't be able to sustain a 24 hour service in the name of Christ. What I do know is that Keni has done this mission thing exactly the way it was meant to be done and she'll strive each day to keep her Savior at the center of her every decision. This little girl went to Peru as a spiritual giant and is coming home even greater! She's been through a whole lot in her young life but has taken her experiences, trials, and examples of those around her - both good and bad - and has used all of it to step into an amazing young woman who has undoubtedly changed many lives in Peru. I'm grateful for the lessons she has learned and the example that she continues to be for her siblings and for each of us. I'm grateful for the blessings that have come to our family because of her service. More than anything I'm grateful to a loving Heavenly Father who has watched over my sweet daughter and who will bring her home safely to us. In just nine days we will run to her as she steps off the escalator at the airport - we will embrace her with tears, with joy, with pride, with relief, and with a sense of sadness for her that this part of her life has come to a close. I have faith that Keni will continue to learn and grow, and even teach the others around her the valuable lessons that she has learned. She will continue to exude happiness and love and a testimony of our Savior. This is because she was raised on a foundation of the gospel of Jesus Christ, because of her personal dedication to the truths, and because of her willingness to work hard every day for what matters. I am grateful to the many companions that loved her and served with her daily; to the mission president and his wife who tended to her; to the multiple pensionistas who cooked and cleaned for her and loved her like a daughter; the Elders who gave priesthood blessings and helped to watch over her; to the members and non-members who were willing to listen to Keni and who accepted her spirit into their lives; to the doctors who had to care for her several times over the past 18 months; and finally to each of you who supported her with your letters, thoughts, prayers, finances, etc. We made it! We individually and collectively made it through a year and a half alongside Keni Girl as she made us all proud, first and foremost our Heavenly Father. I love you all.

... just another 12,000 or so minutes. We're almost there. <3 <3 <3


  1. Wow! What beautiful, heart felt, loving, and faith filled posts by both Keni and Kelly. I'm not even family, but I have loved this blog and hearing from Keni and Kelly. I've been touched and learned from you both! THANK YOU!!!❤

  2. Wow! What beautiful, heart felt, loving, and faith filled posts by both Keni and Kelly. I'm not even family, but I have loved this blog and hearing from Keni and Kelly. I've been touched and learned from you both! THANK YOU!!!❤