Monday, October 19, 2015


Yeah. That´s as creative as it gets this week.

It´s been a good week!

After being somewhat sick for about a month, we spent most of the week in Cusco with the doctors. You know, looking for why I´ve been sick. After several tests, including blood - blech - the doctors found out that I have a bacteria that doesn´t exist in the States. So it hit me harder. Haha. The joys of being a foreigner! But it´s alright, because they gave me a buttload of antibiotics to get rid of it. I´m already feeling better! Thank you, doctors and antibiotics! And prayers and priesthood blessings and the Atonement of Jesus Christ that helped more than anything else.

After we got back to Sicuani we had SEVERAL beautiful, heart wrenching, inspiring moments that just make us NEVER want to leave the mission field. Here´s a few of them.

- When we gave an investigator her own copy of a Book of Mormon, she held it to her heart and thanked us and promised to read as much as she could before our next appointment with her. 

- The same investigator thanked our Heavenly Father for us and for the Book of Mormon in the closing prayer.

- Another investigator who couldn´t go to church this week, told our Heavenly Father in the closing prayer that she was truly sorry for not going to church and she promised Him she´d go next week. She also thanked Him for us, and for the chance she has to learn abou the gospel.

- Hna Azevedo and I have been meditizando (ponderizing #ldsconf) a scripture. Jacob 5:72

- The elders have been unusually kind and worried about us. Guess that´s what happens when you spend a couple days doing tests in the hospital.

- In a lesson with a recent convert who´s struggling a little bit, me and my companion felt the Spirit so strongly and we taught SO well together. Especially when the Spirit told us to be quiet and not talk. For about 15 minutes. While the convert was searching in her heart for the answer to the question we asked.

And so many other things. I loved this week. I LOVE the gospel, and my Savior Jesus Christ. And I LOVE being a missionary. It´s weeks like these that make you never ever want to leave.

Love you all! Have a wonderful week!
Hna Hill

First time I´ve had ice in a year. Gotta say, I LOVED it. And man do I miss ice.

The cutest frozen yogurt shop I´ve ever seen. Cusco.

Seriously I´m in love with this frozen yogurt shop. My comp with a cute little light tree.

Me and Hna Azevedo. She bought me this scarf this week in Cusco. I love scarves!

(Kelly here: I had no idea until today that Keni has been sick for six weeks. I have such mixed feelings about this. For Keni's sake, I didn't "freak out" like she worried that I would. I told her I trusted that she was feeling better and that blessings work. A part of me is saddened that she didn't tell me a while ago so I could be more specific in my prayers, but I also know that it doesn't work that way. Another part of me wonders why I couldn't have been notified by the mission president that she's been this sick - almost ready to be sent home. I know they don't want crazy parents just heading to Peru, but I wouldn't do that unless it was a life/death situation. As a mom, I feel I should know that my child is suffering, especially to the point of almost being sent back to the States. I'm guessing she had the opportunity each week to tell me herself, which she made the adult decision not to do. I have to respect that, because I'm sure she wanted her mum. I've not missed her like I do in this very moment, feeling helpless and inadequate. But no matter what I wish would have happened in the past 1 1/2 months, I have a strong belief in our Heavenly Father and that he has her in His arms. He will help her. He will heal her. He will hold her until I can have her back in my arms, and on my lap. This girl has a legion of angels surrounding her and I can't deny the very real blessings of prayer. I have all the faith in the world that she's being taken care of and I'll be eternally grateful to her companions and mission president and wife. For now I'll just keep praying that she continues to heal and that she can get back to the work that is so important to her. She has six months left and I want more than anything to hug that little girl. As much as I want her home right now ... I'm so, so happy that she wasn't sent back. She would have hated that. She's not even going to want to come home on time, but especially not early. Please everyone, keep her in your prayers)

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