Wednesday, November 26, 2014

It´s beginning to (NOT) look a lot like Christmas!

It´s getting a little warmer here, but not too much :) I still wear cardigans all the time, and it´s cloudy most of the time, so I love it. But! In the past few days they´ve put Christmas lights on most of the trees and on the... oh man... what´s that word... columns? Poles? Anyway.... They haven´t turned them on yet, but I´m crossing my fingers they will before we leave on Monday :) Right now though, I´m craving the cold. I wish it was freezing and snowing and I could wear a coat and drink hot cocoa instead of sweating while walking through Lima on our pday. It sure doesn´t feel like it´s almost December.
This week has been kind of boring, but in a good working hard, kind of way. Lots of scripture study, lots of teaching "investigators", lots and lots and lots of rice and potatoes, lots of Spanish grammar, etc.
So, I´ve lost weight! I don´t know how much or anything, but all of my skirts are looser and some of them are almost awkwardly big. Yeah, I´m the worst kind of person. All I eat is carbs, sit in a desk all day, and I´ve lost weight. Let´s be real here, it´s probably because I cut JCW´s burgers out of my diet :)
My district was talking this week and we figured out that Elder Augat´s family lives about 5 minutes away from mine, and Elder Ludlow and Elder Martin´s families live within 15 to 20 minutes depending on traffic. Craziness! We also decided 2 weeks ago that Elder Ludlow looks like Tin Tin. Last week I had my mom and dad send me pictures of Tin Tin so I could show the rest of our district and everyone agrees :) It´s just about the funniest thing that´s happened within the last couple weeks.
(Kelly here ... I saw a picture of Elder Ludlow that his mom has posted on the Missionary Momma's Facebook page... so naturally I stole a copy of it and sent her a side-by-side of him and Tin Tin. Dead ringer!! However, when Keni emailed me today she asked how in the heck I found a picture of him and asked if I was stalking him. Well, YEAH!! She said everyone in the computer lab saw that she had a picture of him and wondered why... then laughed. Oh well, I'm good at embarrassing all of us).
 I mean, really??!!
So Hermano Davalos´ last week of teaching at the CCM is this week! We´re his last district and because we all think he´s the bomb we gave him a tie and all wrote our names on the back of it and District 111. But when we were trying to write on it he was trying to get in the class and since the best kind of prize is a su-prize (name that movie) we had a couple of Elders blocking the door and then one of the other teachers here, who is also hilarious, ran around to the window and saw what we were doing and promised he wouldn´t ruin the surprise. Eh, it´s another one of those things that was much much funnier in real life. I promise I´m not losing my sense of humor. Although sometimes it feels like it cause Hermana Russell never understands when I´m joking. Luckily the Elders and some of the other Hermanas get it, and Hermana Russell´s coming around :) Jake would appreciate my jokes. Tell that kid to come follow me around Peru so I feel like I´m not so boring :)
Last week I lost my camera cord, you know, the most important cord ever cause it charges my camera, that´s how I can upload pictures, etc. And I couldn´t find it for a whole week and I desperately needed to charge my camera so I could read your emails from last week, and I prayed and everything and was just 100% sure that I was going to need mom to send me another, and I wouldn´t be able to take pictures for weeks and weeks, and THEN! Hermana Love saves the day! After a week of hunting through the entire CCM she finds it sitting at a desk in the Computer Lab. (Almost every day we do this thing called TALL in the computer labs. It´s kind of like missionary Rosetta Stone.) Thank goodness for that! Once I get to my mission area within a week and have my pday I´ll email loads of pictures :)
Something I´ve come to appreciate so much more in the past few weeks has been Priesthood blessings. I mean, I loved them when I was home. But I don´t think I used the opportunities I had to get blessings as much as I could have at home. When I was sick a few weeks ago, I asked Elder Martin to give me a blessing, and all of the Elders in our district stood in the circle and participated in it, and then this week I was kind of having an all over sucky few days and I just needed some help, so I asked Elder Ludlow to give me a blessing and I am just so amazed at what spiritual giants these Elders are. It´s super cool to see them look in their white handbooks to figure out exactly what they´re supposed to do, and then have them give some of the most amazing blessings. I love the Priesthood. I love that I am blessed to have the opportunity to receive blessings when I need them. I love that I got rid of my pride and the thought that I could do it all by myself, and asked for a blessing. Both of the blessings made a world of difference and they each said EXACTLY what I needed to hear, although neither of the Elders knew exactly what I was struggling with.
I love this gospel. I can´t wait to share it with people! I can´t believe that in just a few days I will be on a plane to Cusco! I´m so excited, but also so terrified. Every time we leave the CCM I have absolutely no idea what anyone is saying. That´ll pass with time, I know. But the first few weeks are gonna be fun :) Haha. I´m also going to miss my district so much. They feel like family and now we´re going to be scattered all over the Cusco Mission! (And Iquitos if your name is Elder Budden).
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ON SABADO TO MY CUTE LITTLE BRO JACKER CRACKER. I love you baby boy, I can´t believe that you´re getting the priesthood so soon! Stop growing up. It´s freaking me out. Sorry I´m missing it, kid.
I love you all so much! Talk to you in a week or so from the Peru Cusco Mission!!
Hermana Hill

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