Thursday, November 13, 2014

Clam Dip and Shoe Shining

It´s definitely been a week! First off, I´ve been sick all week. Which is fun. I´m basically better now, just a little cough that´s on it´s way out, so don´t freak out mom and dad! I went to the CCM President´s wife and asked for some meds and we found out I had a fever of like 101 or so. I got to go to bed at 7:30 that night :) which made the fever almost worth it! Apparently it´s a cold-type thing everyone gets down here. Love it. Somehow Hermana Russell has avoided being sick, even though everyone in our room is. That doesn´t make sense, especially cause I was the sickest (most sick? I hate English grammar recently) Hermana in the whole CCM. It was great, everyone in the entire CCM found out I was sick so all I´ve heard is "How you feeling today, Hermana?" which is embarrassing and sweet all at the same time. Being sick has hurt my Spanish learning a little bit, cause my brain has been fried the whole week and I can´t understand anything, but I´m coming back around! Onward and upward my friends.
Clam Dip: One of our Elders, Elder Budden - the Iquitos Elder, tells these outrageous stories about the most random things and this one was hilarious. For some reason in high school he took a pillow to school with him one day and when his friend asked why, he responded with this: "I don´t know man, I´m just so tired and was planning to sleep in class cause last night at 3 in the morning a Native American snuck into my room and was trying to put clam dip down my pants! And obviously, I wasn´t going to have any of that, cause who wants clam dip shoved down their pants? That´s just uncomfortable. And the only thing I had to fight him off with was my pillow, but eventually I was able to get him out of my room. But then he snuck in again at 4 and tried to shove clam dip down my pants AGAIN! And I was like what in the world man, I don´t want clam dip down my pants! And I fought him off, but I mean. After that night? I´m totally sleeping through class." My entire district was laughing their heads off, and none of us had any idea what to respond with. More than half of the hilarity is also how he tells these stories. Oh dear it´s funny. You´re missing out, I´m telling you.
Shoe shining: Hermana Russell brought a shoe shining kit with her and the Elders asked if they could borrow it and after we were finished planning for the night but couldn´t go upstairs yet they spent near a half an hour shining each others shoes and I swear their faces were like Christmas. It was so so funny. They were walking carefully, and when Elder Augat accidentally ran into Elder Martin´s shoes, I swear there was almost tears. Needless to say, Elder Martin had Elder Augat shine his shoe again. Those Elders. They crack me up. How about I´m always in the same district as them? I feel like that would be great.
On the 11th I nearly cried myself to sleep because Bastille was having a concert in Salt Lake. Oh my loves. Why couldn´t they have come a month sooner?!
Not too much else to report this week. I made it halfway through the CCM! Today when we were out and about in Lima showing the new Elders and Hermanas around we took a ton of pictures, laughed a lot, and Elder Ludlow was probably the best and most patient leader we´ve had so far. He didn´t even complain about taking 4000 pictures of us with several different cameras, when we all knew that´s not his favorite thing.

Oh! Someone cool... whose name I currently can´t remember, is coming to talk to us this Sunday and so they set up and CCM Choir and I joined! Ha. Should be great. Especially with my frog voice I´ve had for the last week. Hermana Russell said I look and sound like death. Thaaannnkkkss Hermana Russell. We´re singing Senor Te Necesito (I Need Thee Every Hour) and that song is the only reason I haven´t punched the Spanish language in its throat. It´s beautiful. They even found a violin for one of the Hermanas to play. I´m looking forward to this Sunday! Hopefully I won´t still be a frog by then.
In a week the Advanced missionaries are leaving for the field and then I´LL be an Advanced. Hahahaha. That´s a joke, right? I can´t wait to leave the CCM, but I also don´t feel ready to leave these people or to speak Spanish in the field. Craziness, I´m telling you.
The work is hard. It wasn´t meant to be easy, but I think sometimes we forget just how hard it´s going to be. But the amazing thing is, we can handle it because we have the Lord on our side. We´ll never fully understand what Christ went through for us, but as missionaries, we learn a tiny little piece of how it might have felt. In the CCM we´re sheltered from many things, so we don´t understand too much of that quite yet. But I can´t wait to do my part in bringing others to this gospel. Even though I will be rejected. Even though it will be hard, there will be days when I feel like giving up, I don´t understand the language, etc. I can´t wait to bring happiness to the people who need it. I´m already so so in love with these people. I can´t imagine leaving in a year and a half.

Love you much.
Hermana Hill

Also, someone go watch Peter Pan, listen to all of Bastille´s music, the If I Stay soundtrack, and eat a really good piece of pizza for me. I´m craving America this week. Love.

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