Monday, October 20, 2014

Introducing Hermana Hill

We had the privilege of meeting President Ollis at the Stake Center tonight so that Keni could be set apart. President Ollis had a lot of wonderful advice and it was amazing to watch Keni glow with the spirit and sheer joy.

Keni's dad was able to stand in as the blessing was given to help strengthen our daughter for her journey. She was blessed with the gift of tongues, which will definitely come in handy. I left the church with full confidence that my sweet daughter will be taken care of while she's in the service of the Lord.

There is no denying the strong spirit that Keni was blessed with. She is wise beyond her years and will return to us with honor in 18 (long) months.

President Ollis and Hermana Hill

Dad, Stepmom, Mum, Boys, Gma Myrn and Keni

The brothers and Keni

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