Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Airport Adios

 HJ and his helping hands for two 70 lb bags!!

Dad and Keni

Mum and Keni

Valerie and Keni

HJ and Keni

Squatch and Keni

Keni and Gma Myrn

Keni, Stephanie and Nathan

Justin and Keni

Callie (BFF) and Keni

Sad goodbye

Ryan and Keni

Squatch, Keni, and HJ

Gpa Dale, Gma Lo-Lo, Keni, and Gma Myrn

Keni and HJ

Keni and Dad

Keni and Dad

Sad Squatch and Sad Dad

Super sad :(

The very last goodbye

Tears and more from Mum, uplifting smiles from Keni

One last hug from Mum

Walking away and entering the security area.

And then she was gone ...


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