Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Arrival in Lima, Peru

Keni had told me that she'd be able to send a quick email once she got to Peru, letting us know that she had arrived safely. I had in my mind that if she landed around 10:30 pm our time, she would probably email by 11:30. Not so. I waited up as long as I could but never heard from her. Each time I rolled over in the night, I checked my phone for a voicemail or email. Nothing. On my drive into work this morning I received the first of what had better be many emails. It said simply:

"Hola! No time. I´m alive, I´m safe, I love you, I saw a giant painting of a llama somewhere in Lima."

That sounds about right for my cute girl. I can't wait until the next email, obviously.

Most other updates on this blog will be directly from her. And thus begins our adventure with Hermana Hill.

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